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Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it. - Helen Keller

Are you struggling to cope with the emotional impact of a chronic illness or medical trauma?

Are you tired of trying explain how debilitating it can be?

We know that living with a chronic illness or experiencing medical trauma is challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. That's why we offer therapy services that prioritize your emotional well-being and provide a safe space to process your feelings with warmth, empathy, and compassion.

Do you feel disconnected from your body or the natural world around you?

Nature-based therapy and somatic work are two of the therapeutic approaches we use to help clients cope with the challenges of chronic illness and medical trauma. Nature-based therapy involves immersing oneself in the natural world as a means of promoting healing, grounding, and self-awareness. It can be incredibly powerful to connect with nature and draw strength from the natural world.

Are you curious about alternative therapeutic approaches that can help you feel more grounded and empowered?

Somatic work is a gentle yet powerful approach that uses breath and movement to help release tension, stress, and trauma from the body. It can be particularly effective for those who experience physical symptoms related to their chronic illness or medical trauma. This approach can help clients feel more connected to their bodies and develop a greater sense of calm and self-regulation.

The benefits of these approaches are many

Clients report feeling more relaxed, grounded, and empowered after working with our therapists. They also report a greater sense of connection to their bodies, emotions, and the natural world. These approaches can help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and depression, and improve overall well-being.

How does trauma impact my illness

Chronic health conditions often come with significant emotional and psychological challenges, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma resulting from medical procedures and diagnoses. EMDR can assist in addressing and resolving these underlying psychological issues by targeting the distressing memories and associated negative beliefs. By using bilateral stimulation techniques like eye movements or tapping, EMDR helps desensitize and reprocess the traumatic memories, allowing individuals to process their emotions, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and reduce the impact of these experiences on their overall well-being. 

EMDR's ability to facilitate adaptive processing and reduce distress can contribute to improved mental health and a greater sense of empowerment for individuals living with chronic health issues and medical trauma.

What does a typical session look like?


A typical session for nature-based therapy might involve a gentle hike or walk in a local park or nature preserve. Our therapist will guide you through mindfulness exercises and help you connect with the natural world around you. They may also incorporate activities such as journaling, art, or movement to help you explore your emotions and experiences.

Somatic Work

A typical session for somatic work might involve gentle movement, breathing exercises, and guided meditation. Our therapist will help you tune into your body and release any tension or stress you may be carrying. They may also incorporate other somatic techniques, such as body scanning or progressive muscle relaxation.


A typical EMDR session for chronic illness or medical trauma would involve creating a safe and supportive environment for the individual. Our therapist will work with you to identify specific traumatic experiences and related negative beliefs or emotions. Together, you will select a memory to target and engage in bilateral stimulation techniques, such as eye movements or auditory cues. While receiving the bilateral stimulation, you will explore your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations associated with the memory. Throughout the session, our therapist will provide guidance and support, facilitating the reprocessing of the traumatic memory and encouraging the development of adaptive beliefs and emotions. The goal of the EMDR session is to alleviate distress, promote healing, and foster resilience in individuals dealing with chronic illness or medical trauma.

If you're ready to take the next step towards healing and self-discovery, we invite you to schedule a session.

Our nature-based therapy, EMDRand somatic work approaches can help you connect with your body, your emotions, nature, and develop the skills to cope with the challenges of chronic illness or medical trauma. Don't let your illness or trauma define you - take charge of your healing journey today and discover the strength and resilience within you.