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Mental Health Links

Emergency Services

The following links are provided to offer additional assistance as it relates to mental health.

Advocacy websites

Education, advocacy and support

National organizations

Child and Adolescent Psychological and Neuropsych testing 

Art Therapists

Adult Psychiatry and Neuropsychological Testing

Ketamine Treatment

Therapists with OCD Specialty 

Perinatal Psychiatrists & Resources 

Psych Recovery in St. Paul 

Addiction Counseling 

IOP Programs

Mediation/Divorce Attorneys

Chiropractor/Muscle Testing/Food Sensitivity

Sleep specialist at Methodist/Park Nicollet St. Louis Park

First Responders

EMDR Specialists for Children 

Links Disclaimer

This page contains referrals related to crisis issues such as domestic violence, suicide and child abuse. Other topics include low-cost counseling services, substance abuse and recovery, lesbian & gay services and parenting. Erin McKeen and are not responsible for the content of the above listed sites. does not accept paid advertising of any kind. However, clicking on any of the above listed links may lead you to sites which do accept paid advertising and collect your personal information.