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About Erin McKeen LMFT, ATR and Founder of The Art of Healing

What would it be like if you could just let it all out and explore your true self in a safe and comfortable environment?

As an art therapist specializing in working with neurodiverse and highly sensitive people, I have a deep understanding of the challenges that can come with being neurodiverse and/or highly sensitive. I believe that neurodiversity is a gift, but it can also be a source of stress and anxiety, especially in a world that is not accommodating of neurodiversity and can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Through my work as an art therapist, I have seen firsthand the transformative power of art in helping neurodiverse and highly sensitive individuals, including children, develop healthy coping mechanisms, build emotional resilience, and cultivate greater self-awareness.

My approach to therapy is grounded in empathy, compassion, and respect for each person's unique journey. I provide a safe and supportive space where clients can explore and process their emotions through art, talk, play, EMDR and skill-building without fear of judgment or rejection. I believe that every person has the capacity for healing and growth, and it's my privilege to walk alongside my clients on their path towards greater emotional wellbeing and self-discovery.

Whether you are struggling with ADHD, high sensitivity, anxiety, depression, trauma, or simply seeking greater self-awareness and personal growth, I am here to support you on your journey. Together, we can work to create a more balanced, authentic, and empowered life.

Commitment to Diversity

At The Art of Healing, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality therapy services, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability status, or any other aspect of their identity. We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive space where all individuals feel welcomed, respected, and valued.

Our therapists are trained in cultural humility, which means that we recognize that we don't have all the answers, and that we are constantly learning and growing. We understand that each individual brings their own unique experiences and perspectives, and we strive to create a collaborative and empowering therapeutic relationship that honors your values, preferences, and goals.

We recognize that systemic oppression and discrimination impact mental health, and we are committed to addressing these issues in our work. We work to create a safe and welcoming environment where all individuals can feel comfortable sharing their experiences and exploring their emotions and challenges.

If you're seeking therapy services from a provider who values inclusivity and diversity, we invite you to contact us today. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and are committed to providing compassionate, client-centered therapy services that support your well-being and growth.

In this regard, it is particularly beneficial that I am proficient in Spanish, am married to a Latino, and raise our children in a bicultural household.

Professional Experience

I received my master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. Over the past two decades, I've worked in a variety of settings, including Therapeutic schools, residential treatment centers, inpatient and outpatient clinics and private practice to support individuals, couples, and families facing life's challenges. I'm dedicated to serving children and families with special needs and have a strong passion for early intervention.

As an advocate for children struggling with neurodiversity, learning disabilities and developmental delays, coupled with low self-esteem, I have extensive knowledge and experience attending Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings and working closely with schools, school districts, and parents to provide the best support possible for children and teens.

Teaching is another passion of mine, and I've had the opportunity to be an instructor for a graduate-level Child Therapy course at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California. I've also developed and launched an art therapy summer camp for children with special needs at Early Childhood Development and Associates and served as a consultant for youth programs in the greater Los Angeles area.

As a public speaker and workshop facilitator, I address various aspects of relationships and personal growth. With extensive experience in working with the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, I have developed the cultural competency and sensitivity required to understand and help individuals from diverse social, cultural, economic, or religious backgrounds. I am fluent in Spanish, am married to a Latino, and raise our children in a bicultural household.

Lastly, I am proud to have helped co-found Phoenix Mental Health ( 2017-2023 ), a collaborative of socially conscious, compassionate individuals committed to providing a wide range of therapeutic options to facilitate healing and positive personal growth results.


  • Loyola Marymount University: M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy with an emphasis in Art Therapy
  •  University of Minnesota: B.A. in Art with a minor in Psychology

Licenses and Certifications:

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California
     June 2010
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Minnesota
    December 2016
  • Registered Art Therapist: American Art Therapy
    June 2010
  • CPI Certification (Non-violent Crisis Intervention)
    August 2011
  • Managing Adaptive Practices (MAP) Certification
    June 2013
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Certification
    March 2016
  • Play Therapy Trained
    September 2005-June 2011
  • Advanced Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Providers
    June 2018
  • Perinatal Mental Health Provider
    December 2018
  • EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
    April 2018
  • Supervisor Certification
    March 2013
  • Spanish Language: Proficient

Thank you for taking the time to read about my professional experience. I look forward to the possibility of working with you in the future!


“Erin McKeen is an excellent therapist who is able to use a number of different modalities when working with children and families. She uses her art as an adjunct to cognitive behavioral therapy and is thus able to reach children that are difficult to work with for many therapists.”

– Dr. Laure Weber

“Erin’s top strength is drawing out meaningful conversation in others – both in individual and group settings. Erin has a high degree of empathy and intuition when interacting with and observing people. She is fun-loving, disciplined and organized. A wonderful combination. I have worked with Erin on numerous leadership teams, know her well personally, and highly recommend her.”

June D'amour

“Erin is a dedicated worker to her field of mental health. She is qualified not only to do conventional treatments with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families, but she is also qualified to provide a unique approach to therapy through art. Erin is dedicated to each of her clients, providing them with a nurturing environment to explore their life’s pain. She is also well versed in understand the community of mental health, to aid her clients in getting other services in the community. Her ability to understand one’s internal landscape and fuse art in her work makes her a strong and rare asset in the psychological community.”

– Dr. Joy Maulden

“Erin McKeen provides an exemplary education for those seeking a healing profession through the arts. Her knowledge of the philosophy and practice of art therapy is articulated with intelligence, compassion, humor and creativity. As a professor and co-facilitator of a Child Therapy Course at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, I was encouraged and supported throughout our collaboration with great insight and honesty.  She is truly dedicated to her practice of therapy and knows how the arts can help us find our way. Additionally, Erin designed and launched a summer camp for children with special needs at the Early Childhood Development Center in West Hollywood.  I highly recommend Erin Mckeen for education and training in the field of art therapy.”

– Marilee Hartling RN, LMFT

“Erin McKeen has extensive experience and training in crisis intervention and behavior management within a school setting.  She is insightful and attuned to the specific needs of her clients and is dedicated to their treatment.  She is always learning and growing and has a thorough understanding of cultural implications in therapy.  She is a creative problem solver and works well collaborating as part of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with whom she develops and delivers a variety of therapeutic services. She has exceptional communication skills and a highly developed level of professionalism.  She is highly regarded and respected, so much so that she has been asked to provide individual supervision as a result of her knowledge, expertise and dedication to helping interns learn and grow professionally.  Personally, I have learned a great deal from her as a colleague and she has contributed a great deal to my work as a behavior therapist.”

- Cheri Vandermey BCBA