Tips to Help Bond with Your Teen

When our children are young, they come to us, it seems, innumerable times throughout the day wanting to share something with us. An idea they had, a discovery, questions about life. At times these visits aren’t so helpful or desired, like when we’re on an important conference call or having… private time with our spouse.

But we should savor each and every interaction we have with our kids, because eventually they grow up to be teenagers and want nothing to do with us!

Okay, not exactly. But kind of. Which is why it’s important we work hard to keep the bond and channels of communication open with our teens.

If you feel you’ve lost the connection with your teen, here are some ways to form a bond:


When your teen does speak with you, really pay attention. Teens are notorious for communicating things that don’t match up with the words they are using. Read between the lines and pay close attention to body language.

Create Rituals

Right now it’s about quality not quantity. You won’t be able to get all of their time and attention you want. So figure out little rituals and ways to connect. That may mean hitting the golf range on the weekend or going out for pizza night, just you and your kid, or having a spa day at home.

Support Their Hobbies

The teen years are when you child begins to recognize their own unique gifts and interests. So it’s important that you take an interest in what they love to do. Make time in your schedule to go to their game or band concert. If they like mountain biking, go biking with them. Support their hobbies as much as possible.

Ask Them to Teach You Something

Nothing will give your teen more pride and confidence than illustrating they know something that you don’t. It could be something as simple as showing you how to set up a Tik Tok account or how to order something off of Alexa, or something more complex like how to play the guitar or build a robot.

Your kids will be out of the house before you know it. Take the time and make the effort to bond with your teen now.